Ryder Cup

Minimum 5 nights stay

Did you know St Albans is home to the Ryder Cup?

Samuel Ryder who founded the Ryder Cup, became a member of the Verulam Golf Club back in 1909 as a way to improve his health.  Over the years playing at the club his ability improved, until in June 1926 he conceived a match between the professionals of Britain and America.  This match was held on the East course at Wentworth, but was ultimately ruled to be unofficial as some of the American players were found out not be be native born. 

Ryder went back to the drawing board and came up with new rules and a new, now famous gold trophy.  The new rules were that the competition would be played on a biannual basis and that members of each team must be native born to those countries.  The trophy was showcased at Verulam Golf Club the following year in 1927 as the British team left for America!

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash